If you are among those individuals looking for a low-maintenance canine home companion that has a loving nature and can gladly accompany you during walks and other outdoor activities, the Australian Cattle Dog or ACD is a terrific choice. Characterized by a sturdy build and an easy-to-groom coat in beautiful colors, the ACD can be great pet for you.  Australian Cattle Dog care is minimal, considering that the dog breed only sheds an average amount, and generally requires no special diet, but it does not mean you can overlook the pup’s overall needs. Regular check-ups and vaccinations are very essential.

Make well-balanced meals, regular exercise, non-toxic toys and activities part and parcel of your Australian Cattle Dog care. Because the Australian Dog Cattle traces its origins to herding dogs originating from Australia, it can show behavioral tendencies like nipping at your heels.

Such a pooch needs to be kept active rather than cloistered in an apartment or small dwelling place. If boredom sets in, expect the ACD to engage in somewhat destructive behavior. Give your pup hard toys or chew toys to keep it preoccupied, or better yet, let the pooch roam across a spacious yard in order to stay sprightly and happy..ACDs are generally responsive and alert, so you can have a fun time teaching it to play fetch and other games.

On the other hand, you need to ensure that your Australian Cattle Dog care and stimulation is not limited to ball tossing. You see, the dog breed is noted for being high achievers. At the same time, ACDs have tremendous stamina that must be expended. It can be a perfect dog for individuals who love spending much time in physically-revving activities outdoors.

Occasional baths and brushing will normally suffice for the ACD, but since they are often on the go and need to roam around, they can get all muddied and smelly. A natural dog shampoo that will not strip away the dos natural oils can help freshen up the pup. If you are a dog owner who prefers home grooming, be sure to have at hand basic paraphernalia, including a slicker and bristle brush, apart from the dog shampoo, rubber mat and towels.

Giving your Australian Cattle Dog care and attention can produce a very loving and obedient family pet that can be an immense source of delight. If you observe the ACD well, you will note with amusement how it can pick up after itself.  When visitors suddenly arrive, the ACD tends to be aloof, though.