Ah yes, the Australian Cattle Dog! No other breed of dog has a combination of both the looks of being a robust dog, and the actual robustness it gives off. As the name implies, this breed of dog was developed down under, in the land of the OutbackAustralia. The Australian farmers and ranchers required a dog which had the instincts to drive cattle, and the stamina to also run tirelessly for hours and hours. They decided to crossbreed the Blue Merle, another breed of dog, and the Australian Dingo, a wild canine. The resultthe Australian Cattle Dog of course.

If you are looking for great lines of the Australian Cattle Dog, there is no better place to find them than Australian Cattle Dog breeders. Though some are only homegrown breeders, there are specific ways to weed out the best of the best when it comes to breeding Australian Cattle Dogs. Why would you get a dog (unless from dog rescue shelters) from puppyhood which does not come from a great generation of parents or grandparents or ancestors from its line? You might as well get the best when getting from these Australian Cattle Dog breeders.

Looking or searching for top Australian Cattle Dog breeders is as easy as typing those exact words on the search bar on the search engine of the internet. There are even entire websites devoted to only providing information of the best breeders of Australian Cattle Dogs out there. Finding one is not the challenge; finding a credible one will be more difficult.

Finding the Australian Cattle Dog breeder who breeds Australian Cattle Dogs from the best generations of past Australian Cattle Dogs possible will be quite tricky, unless you already know beforehand a breeder who does. If not, then you have to make sure you check if the dog, or the dogs you are to get from any potential breeder you are to get from, has papers stating the lineage of the dogs or dogs origins. If that checks out, then you have to check the dog itself. Make sure it is free from diseases the Australian Cattle Dog is prone to, such as blindness or deafness. And make sure it has at least been vaccinated primarily to protect it from other diseases it might be prone to as a puppy.

Australian Cattle Dog breeders know more or less the drills of having great Australian Cattle Dogs to be offered by them; you need not worry much, because breeding Australian Cattle Dogs is what they do for a living.