Australian cattle dog training is important because this type of dog is known to be headstrong. Therefore, if you have an Australian cattle dog puppy, it is important to send him to obedience school while young. You need to raise them with the awareness of you as their master. You dont need to hurt them but you need to establish that leadership over them as they tend to challenge that as they reach adolescence.

Sending them to puppy training school makes them aware of other people and other kinds of animals as well. This puts them in a position that lets them know they shouldnt be obeyed but rather, they should learn how to obey. It is also important to let your Australian cattle dog socialize so as not to cause threat or danger to other dogs when they grow up. For a first time owner, having this breed is not recommended as they tend to challenge authority every once in a while. They are not very obedient or affectionate as other breeds and this could be a frustrating experience for a first time owner. They dont care about pleasing the owner and sometimes does things their own way which is not always the best.

Australian cattle dogs should be exercised regularly. This breed enjoys obstacle courses as well as the usual outdoor activities like jogging, hiking, running and even swimming. If youre an adventurer, you and your dog could enjoy these activities together. This is also a good way to familiarize your dog with who you are as his or her owner. Perhaps this will make your dog become aware of your leadership.

Since they are usually aggressive towards other animals, it is best if the male Australian cattle dog is neutered. This prevents other dogs from sensing him as a threat as he no longer emits hormones that could cause fights with other dogs or animals.

Your Australian cattle dog should be faithfully trained for about half an hour daily to ensure health and to establish your role as the owner. If you constantly train them, they will remain loyal to you even with the tough onset of adolescence and adulthood. They are a high-maintenance breed and training them to learn how to be sociable could be quite a challenge. In Australian cattle dog training, it is best if you have treats and positive reinforcement for their attention to be focused on you. It is also recommended if you make them work for these treats so that they know whos got the alpha role between you two. In training your dog with the help of treats, you should control yourself from giving too much treats as this would spoil him or her.

Though owning an Australian cattle dog seems like a challenge, once they have been trained, they will become loyal and protective of you. They are also an intelligent breed who will work hard to get what they need. With hard work, they will love you back.