People who own farms can surely benefit from owning and raising an Australian cattle dog puppy. This type of dog is not only known as one of the best herding dog breeds in the world, but theyre also known for their intelligence, cunning ability, and loyalty to their owners. While raising them isn’t such a difficult task, training them takes a lot of hard work. To make sure that you raise a healthy and dependable one, take heed of the following tips:

Dog space

An Australian cattle dog puppy needs a large room for it to play and go about its business. Running is one of its most favorite things to do, so there should be a backyard in your home where you can place your dog. Its sleeping place should be warm, cozy, and relaxing enough for it to be happy.


Like most dogs, this type of breed is prone to hyper-activity, and it needs a good outlet where it can spend all of its energy aside from herding. A jogging or running activity is always a great option. These exercises do not only make your cattle dog strong and healthy, but alert as well. You should perform this activity everyday so that the dog will learn well and use the tricks he or she has learned in the future.


Part of raising and training your Australian cattle dog puppy is controlling his or her behavior. As the alpha, you should discipline your dog once it does something wrong remember that using force is never an option here and is strictly prohibited. Saying the phrases bad dog or bad puppy usually does the trick. Always be on the lookout for bad behaviors and act upon them when they start.


Just like any do breed. Australian cattle dog puppies needs to be rewarded too. A simple treat of biscuit would suffice it if they prove to be little angels and if they’re listening to your every command. Giving them treats whenever playing is highly encouraged to as you’re not only forming a bond, you’re also recognizing your dogs effort.


Australian cattle dog puppies are prone to acquire health conditions, so you must make it a habit of bringing them to the vet to see if there are any underlying ailments you need to know about. Have them vaccinated early for immune support and anti-rabies to ensure their longevity and service.