Want a cute pup that descended from a cross breed of the robust Australian Wild Dog with a stamina to work even in extreme conditions and the intelligent & obedient Drovers Dog which evolved from the Shepherds Dog of Scotland? Then take your pick from a litter of Australian Cattle Dog puppies from a responsible dog breeder.

Such pups will grow up quite agile and strong. Beforehand, you need to ensure that you feed your puppy well, groom it, and give it adequate exercise to vent its high energy and stamina. An Australian Cattle dog should not be bored; instead, they need to be able to roam around in the garden or yard instead of being confined indoors for long periods of time. If you have a very small dwelling place and you lack time to exercise a canine, the Australian Cattle dog may not be the right pooch for you.If you also tend to be irritated no end by constant yappers, the Australian Cattle Dogs high-pitched barks may turn out to be a nuisance for you.

It is also quite important to know the health issues of Australian Cattle Dog puppies. Such dogs are likely to have hip joint development problems or hip dysplasia, vision and hearing problems. Such pups also tend to shed heavily. Real food like boiled chicken, turkey, beef, bison, venison, fish, lamb, fresh fruits and vegetables, plus some yogurt on some occasions are ideal.

Premium brands of all-natural dog chow and treats suitable for training sessions and best suited for active breeds are likewise fine. Dog owners who give their pets the absolute best care like nutritious meals share that it is best not to go beyond 10 percent of the dogs total food intake when handing out treats.

Because Australian Cattle Dog puppies are, by nature, aggressive, and tend to be territorial and headstrong, you need to make sure you give proper training the moment you bring such a pup home. Dog owners also  need to exercise vigilance when their pooch is off-leash. A good dog trainer is one armed with sufficient knowledge on dog psychology and communication.  Owners/trainers of Australian Cattle Dog puppies may allot about 30 minutes each day for training puppies.

If you cannot handle the high maintenance that comes with owning an Australian Cattle Dog, there are lots of other canine breed options with lesser aggressive tendencies and which are not that dominant-minded nor too athletic.

On the other hand, if you have become smitten with an Australian Cattle Dog and want to bring home & raise one as a pet, you can be in for a rewarding experience. Such a pup which can live up to 12 until 15 years — can be quite clever, faithful, and affectionate. The Australian Cattle Dog makes an excellent home guard, but tends to be iffy or apprehensive about other dogs and strangers. Australian Cattle Dog puppies need to be handled firmly. If you are training one, show the pooch that you are the alpha leader.