Australian Cattle Dogs, like other working dogs are active and have a high level of energy. They are playful and happy dogs, especially around their owners. They make good companions at home because they are also very affectionate. When it comes to strangers, they can be quite reserved. Usually, when they are in new situations, they tend to be more cautious. Therefore, they are also protective to their owners.

Aside from getting along with its owner, an Australian Cattle dog can also socialize with others. If at an early age they are already being accustomed to many types of people, they will be more comfortable around them. That way, they can easily feel that being with people is enjoyable.


The size of an Australian Cattle dog varies depending on its gender. The female ones usually measure around 43 to 48 centimeters, while the male dogs are approximately 46 to 51 centimeters at the withers. In general, these dogs have a longer width than height. The length of the dogs body from the breast bone area all the way to the buttocks is bigger than the height at its withers. A healthy cattle dog should weigh approximately between 20 and 28 kilograms.


This kind of dog breed has a double coat. The outer hair that serves as its protection is short and straight, and the undercoat is also short but fine and dense.  Because of this, its easy to take care of its coat. It doesn’t require too much grooming, making the lives of its pet owners easier. Its coat just needs to be brushed occasionally to keep it clean and smelling good. And owners can also just wipe the coat with a wet cloth to make it neat and clean. When it blows its coat around once or twice a year, constant brushing and a warm bath can control shedding hair.


An Australian Cattle dog can interact better with older and considerate children, as compared to the young ones who usually run and scream.  So it is more recommended for families with older children. They are really friendly dogs, but they can also be trusted to defend their owners when the need arises.


The lifestyle of an Australian Cattle dog can depend on the household it is in since they can easily adapt to the environment of its owners. At home, they can show some love and affection to their owners and like to constantly play with them.


The average lifespan of this dog breed is 11 years, although it can reach up to 15 years. Their lifespan is actually somewhat longer than other dog breeds with a similar weight. And they also age better since many of them are still active even if they are 12 or even 14 years old already. Sight and hearing also remain in good condition even when theyre old.


It is important that they get into some physical activities since these dogs are very athletic and full of energy. They enjoy obstacle courses that challenge their agility and other skills. They can even be good hiking companions because of their naturally impressive endurance.


Training an Australian Cattle dog is very easy since it is considered as one of the most intelligent breeds. It can even be trained as a guard dog because of its protective nature. They can also learn to obey different commands with proper training.