Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler is a herding dog that originated from Australia as the name implies. It is used for driving cattle from one place to another. It is a medium sized dog with short haired coat usually appearing to be red or blue. Australian Cattle Dog is usually called Red Heeler if the coat is color red and Blue Heeler if it is color blue. It came from the working breed and it has a good stamina and physically athletic. It is quick and intelligent. It is playful and responds quickly to exercises and challenging situations that require physical strength. These dogs are usually competitors in specific events and competitions. They are also used to assist people undergoing rescue operations because of its ability to learn instructions fast through training.

The Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler is a compact dog and has the agility and strength required of its tasks. Its short hair coat makes it easy for the owner to clean it because it only needs to bath and brush a few times in a month. Female Blue Heeler is usually 43 to 48 centimetres long while the male Blue Heeler measures 46 to 51 centimetres and they usually weight 20 to 28 kilograms. Blue and Red Heeler are originally white when born and their color changes to red and blue as they mature. Red and Blue Heeler form a white star at the centre of the forehead making it distinct from any other. It is called Bentley Mark.  Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler has a high level of independence because of its nature. It wants to move a lot and has high energy levels. They need to be engaged in physical activities because their body requires them to move all the time. They also need a lot of exercise to maintain their agility and good body built. Blue Heelers are always alert and knows when there is danger. It is an excellent guard dog at home and a good companion to the household.

They are very playful and friendly especially when they are taken cared of well. The owner will get the dogs loyalty and it is sure that the Blue Heeler will protect the owner and his family. Because of their loyalty, they can sometimes be aggressive against other people who hurt their owner. Having an Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler is definitely an asset at home and it needs to be trained for it to exhaust the best of its potential.